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Snake Oil Salesman

Cannot comprehend

why anyone buys

malevolent swill,

or appreciates

a rubbing of it in.

His hawker style

claims terrific results,

fantastic ingredients,

amazing potion,

disgraces other kinds.

He says he has the stuff

to cure what has gone wrong;

so-called master of our fate,

promised to make us feel great,

but nothing’s great so far.


Courting the Jury

Expert witnesses swear

they will testify true

even when paid to sway

and skew the jury’s view,

one way or the other.


Some persuade for the plaintiff,

others for the defense,

coffee gives me a lift,

information’s immense,

one way or the other.


Testimonies conceived

for expert deceptions,

planned to make us believe

and lead our perceptions,

one way or the other.


Evidence cumulates

case has lasted for weeks,

at finish verdict waits,

now, I twist in my seat,

one way or the other.

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