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Christmas Doings #247

I filled my spirit, because it felt thin,

with a big buffet of Christmas films.

Most were corny, sentimental features

filled with new love, kids, and furry creatures.


Pleasant to view TV celebrations,

but we had not put up decorations.

Seemed quite an effort to install a tree,

with family away, there’s just him and me.


Days jingled closer to the twenty-fifth,

still was indifferent to jolly old myths.

But, Jim brought in boxes from the garage,

soon the tree stood where it would lodge.


If that’s what he wants, I thought with a sigh,

I’d follow and give the season a try.

Out came ornaments from many a year,

some made me smile, others conjured up tears.


The tree filled with an unthemed selection,

positively glowed Christmas reflections.

More than one way to celebrate the hype,

dinner for friends, and with family we’ll Skype.

Holiday Lemons

October lemons, green as limes
merry yellow by Christmas time.
Hard rinds wind round from ground to roof
through sizzles, drizzles, weatherproof.

Without its fruit, a twiggy bush,
20 feet high, but not much lush,
body spreads unshaped, branch tangled,
structure grows with awkward angles.

Reminds me of the Peanut’s tree
a kind of homely plant we see,
that beautified with decoration
becomes a source of admiration.

When nature’s ornaments turn ripe
juicy bulbs, hooking bark, glow bright.
Teardropped leaves become angel wings
fly with lemons that scent and swing.

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